World Meditation Day

May 20 is World Meditation Day and it is meditation that has played a huge role in the life of Synchronicity Scents’ founder, Annick Knutsen. Indeed, it was the importance of focusing on wellbeing and self-care during a challenging period in her life that guided Annick to harness the power of aromatherapy and the essence of yoga and daily meditation. It was a stepping stone that led her along the path to creating the company and the products we enjoy today.

Annick explains:” I was inspired to meditate by the need to find a connection between myself and the Universe. I needed to fill an empty space within me – to bring calmness, healing and self-love into my life. Meditating has enabled me to do this.” 

With meditation now a part of her daily life, Annick believes that everyone can benefit from this mind and body practice. “There are many meditation techniques out there which give you the option to try out what works best for you. I would advise starting with a guided meditation, via an app, and to see where that takes you.”

The natural world has a well-documented calming effect on our physical and psychological states. It is one of the reasons why aromatherapy and meditation often go hand in hand, channelling the healing essences that nature offers to enhance a state of quietude and relaxation. These distillations are encapsulated in the Synchronicity Scents products – citrus, floral, herbal, woody – all have their own special characteristics and effects. “Choose a Synchronicity candle according to your mood or the feeling you want to evoke in your life at that time,” says Annick. “Light the flame, take a pause, breathe in the scent, watch the dancing flame and begin your meditation with love and gratitude in your heart.”