Synchronicity Meets The Press

Synchronicity Scents was introduced to the press recently, formally announcing its presence to the wider world.

As befits the healing nature of our candles, the launch event started with a brief meditation, a short peacefulness that is reflected in the ritual of lighting a candle. Founder, Annick Knutsen, then stepped forward to explain her philosophy, how it is imbued in the product range and how the creation of Synchronicity Scents was borne out of the need to heal, to share that we are all connected to each other and the Universe and know that we are all loved and supported by our guardian angels. 

“It is partly about capturing the synchronicity of those magical moments in life we can’t explain. It is the alchemy of everything working together.”

Asked about the branding and why every candle carries the image of a winged creature, Annick explained: “My vegan candle blends take inspiration from the winged birds and insects that convey messages of love from the universe, with each one corresponding to an emotion or characteristic.  They are a reminder of our universal connection to nature. Winged creatures also seem to marry up with the magic touch of angels.”

She went on to introduce each candle, describing its character and properties. She explained how she wanted the development of the range to be a creative and collaborative process working with essential oils, tuning in to their healing qualities. Annick brought together several like-minded experts in candle making, branding, aromatherapy and wellbeing whilst she also took time to learn about all of these disciplines.

The result – an initial range of five vegan, soy wax candles blended with essential oils. Each has a special mix of scents and healing characteristics that will appeal to different emotions and can be chosen by what is needed in your life at this moment, they can be chosen by intuition. Delivered in compostable, mushroom packaging, this delightful selection is waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed.