Mushroom Packaging

We’re proud that our mycelium-based packaging is fully home-compostable without the need for chemicals or industrial processing. Instead of just taking from the soil, we’re putting nutrients back into it whilst minimising what goes to landfill.

Using patented biofabrication processes, mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms – is bound with agricultural by-products (such as hemp, corn and timber) to produce our eco-friendly packaging. Within around 30 days it will have broken down completely, leaving only goodness in the soil. This circular process means waste is put to work and actually feeds the soil it comes from.


From our innovative 100% biodegradable mushroom packaging to our partnership with an ethically responsible fulfilment and logistics supplier, our vegan soy wax candle collection is from the heart, created with love.

Minimising our environmental footprint is at the core of our philosophy.

We use UK manufacturers, FSC-registered paper, corn starch packing chips and a sustainable supply chain. Glass jars house our candles and are designed to be repurposed after use.