How To Drop Into Your Next Meditation With Candle Gazing (Trataka Sadhana)

It can be difficult for some to drop into meditation and let their thoughts go. Candle gazing, or trataka sadhana, is one way to give your eyes something to focus on so you can get more from your meditation. Here are three tips for candle meditation:

1. Look with your third eye if your eyes start to hurt
If your eyes grow weary from staring at the flame, one way around this is to gently close your eyes and picture the flame in your mind’s eye. Perhaps through your eyelids you can still see the soft orange glow of the candle. Hold the image of the flame in your mind until you’re ready to open your eyes again.

2. Tap your intuition
Let your spirit guides in and listen to the quiet messages from your intuition as you find your sense of calm.

3. Don’t worry if thoughts are still popping up
No one ever said meditation was easy, and while, yes, candle gazing can help you maintain focus and concentration, it does take practice. Thoughts may still pop up, and the key is to allow rather than resist them. Hold your gaze on the candle, keep breathing deeply, and when your mind wanders, know it’s OK, let it go, and come back to the flame.