How to Choose a Candle to Match Your Mood

Taking time to relax whilst enveloped in a particular fragrance can have a great influence on our mood. There are references to perfumed oils and healing balms dating back thousands of years so our ancestors knew a great deal about how natural scents can boost our health and energy levels.

We can all identify when we feel happy, sad, hurt, contemplative or anxious. Which of the Synchronicity Scents candles you are drawn to, at a particular time, will be influenced by your mood. Even the symbol on the packaging or the name of the scent will appeal to your senses one day but a different one may draw you in a few days later. It is all about the alchemy working together.

You should go with your intuition and you will choose the one that is right for you at the right time. 

Here is a brief rundown of the main mood characteristics of our candle range so you can see how your choice matches.

Candle                       Feeling                                  

Transform                  Inspire us to embrace change       

Hope                          Optimism/keeping faith through difficult times               

Love                           Warm/big hearted/nurturing/self care

Compassion              Bright/open hearted/soulful/thoughtful/deep       

Strength                    Resilience/inner belief