Celebrate World Bee Day with a Show of Strength

World Bee Day takes place on 20 May. It was launched in 2017 by the United Nations to celebrate bees and the crucial role they play in the world as pollinators – but also to encourage policies that will protect them both now and in the future.

Bees are often described as the ‘sentinels of the environment’. Without them, most fruits, flowers and seeds would disappear, taking with them the scents, flavours and colours that we treasure.

‘As busy as a bee’ is a phrase known to many of us and it so aptly describes the bee as a hard worker, resilient, with an inner belief in its ultimate goal and ability to get there. These are all attributes reflected in our Strength candle. We love bees which is why we chose the symbol of a bumble bee to represent our Strength candle in a beautiful shade of sunny yellow to promote optimism.

As you light the Strength candle, you can almost picture a bee floating between calming lavender flowers, soothing camomile, positive orange, zesty lemon and mood lifting jasmine. These are a few of the carefully chosen notes blended in Strength to soothe and revitalise so that you will feel ready and able to tackle whatever comes your way.

And like bees, which collaborate to make the hive a success, we are so much stronger when we work together.