Within the universe we are not alone: we all have a guardian angel assigned to us at birth and the universe is constantly working for our highest good, revealing itself to us through the synchronicity of events, people and the environment. Inspired by the belief that there are no coincidences in life, this candle collection connects fragrance blends with the winged creatures that convey messages of love from our guardian angels.

By lighting candles, we are reminded to stay hopeful and to open our hearts to love and self-care and to accept the healing powers of scent and nature. By embracing positivity, we find it comes back to us, enriching our lives immeasurably.

Whilst navigating a challenging period in her life, Annick Knutsen deeply valued the strength and peace that meditation brought. Her belief in the importance of focusing on wellbeing and self-care – whether through harnessing the power of aromatherapy, the holistic essence of yoga or daily meditation – inspired her to create Synchronicity Scents.

Describing her journey as a spiritual awakening, she took comfort from the synchronicity of the universe and the idea that we are not alone: guardian angels protect and watch over us all.

With this beautifully balanced collection, the ritual of lighting a fragranced candle takes centre stage and becomes an act of self-love, allowing a pause in your day to reconnect with yourself and the universe.

“Meditation and nature go hand in hand. They are both healing, as is lighting a candle and letting the scent envelop you. My vegan candle blends take inspiration from the winged birds and insects that convey messages of love from the universe, with each one corresponding to an emotion or characteristic. By embracing positivity, we find it comes back to us, enriching our lives immeasurably. I hope you find my candle collection as transformative as I do.”